EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker Review

Ice makers are incredibly useful in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, and basically wherever there is a need for large amounts and constant supplies of ice.

However, these machines can cost a lot because they produce large quantities of ice, and if you only need an ice maker for home, a small bar or any kind of more personal and less commercial use, buying such a large and pricey machine may not exactly be the best choice.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is buying a cheap undercounter ice maker. These machines produce less ice than the professional ones; they are ideal for home bars and due to their smaller capacities - they are much more affordable.

One of the models we would certainly recommend for all those who need an affordable, yet high quality solution is EdgeStar IB120SS. This is one of the best value for money ice makers you can find on the market. Despite its low price, this model is incredibly useful, practical and reliable, which makes it a common choice of those who want to equip their home bar with a functional, yet cheap ice machine.



The first thing to notice on people is their looks, and with machines, you notice their design before everything else. When it comes to the design of EdgeStar IB120SS, you can see straight away that it is elegant, minimalistic and sophisticated. The body of this model is black with stainless steel door, which makes it easily adaptable to any interior and easily combined with all colors.

The door is reversible, which enable more flexibility with installation and allows you to determine the side on which the door will be opened.

It is only 25 inches tall, which means two important things. Firstly, with such dimensions, this ice maker is possible to be placed under most counters and it does need to take space on the countertop. Secondly, it meets ADA height requirements, which means it fulfills the standards of Accessible Design.

This model is created as a built-in ice maker. However, it comes with front venting, which enables you to choose whether you want to build it in, or you would rather make it freestanding. This also allows you more flexibility and adaptability when combining the ice maker with the rest of the furniture and determining the place for it to stand.


EdgeStar IB120SS is capable of making 12 pounds of crescent-shaped per hour, and it comes with a 6-pound refrigerated ice storage capacity. The ice reservoir is removable, which makes it easier to grab the ice and manipulate the machine. When the reservoir is full, the machine will automatically shut down and stop producing more ice until the bin is emptied, and you can also control the ice production by pressing the on/off switch. The appliance also serves as a functional freezer, which means that the ice cubes will stay frozen as long as they are in the storage container.


Installation of this model is particularly easy, which is another aspect that makes it popular among those who need a cheap ice machine for non-commercial use. The manufacturer recommends professional installation, though, but the truth is that a layman can easily install this machine. The comprehensive instruction manual is included with the product, and it should be enough for anyone to install the appliance successfully.

With the purchase of this appliance, you also get the accessories which enable further ease of installation and use.

A water line connection is included in the purchase, as well as an ice scoop.

This may not seem like a lot, but with a good ice maker, this is all you need for a completely operational appliance as well as easy and functional everyday use.

This model is both functional and cheap undercounter ice maker, and even though it gives a good value for money, it has several downsides as well:

First, it is not frost-free, and it requires manual defrosting.

Another downside is that the ice is not filtered, which means that the cubes are not completely clear, but this is not much of a problem if you do not mind the ice cubes to be cloudy.


EdgeStar IB120SS

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