Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker Review

We tested many models of ice makers and chose to present you only with the best in the cheap ice machine reviews section. When it comes to a cheap countertop ice maker, the one we definitely recommend is Igloo ICE103. It has a variety of great features for a machine of its size, and if you are looking for an affordable and functional solution for your home or office, this is one of the best value for money ice makers you will find.

We came to the conclusion that this model is ideal when you need large quantities of ice over a longer period, for example if you organize a lot of parties, or you work in an office where a lot of people go through. It makes much more affordable solution than buying bags of ice, and it is much more convenient and much faster than making ice cubes by using trays in a freezer.


As far as design is concerned, this model is available in only one combination of colors - metallic silver with black details. This is more or less standard combination for kitchen appliances, it is rather neutral, and so the machine will blend in with the most kitchen design styles.


The dimensions of this model are 12” in width, 14” in depth and 15” in height, which makes it suitable for any place on the countertop and it can fit even in small kitchens. However, despite the small dimensions, one of the most notable characteristics of this machine is an oversized ice bucket, which can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice. This makes an ideal combination of a compact machine and a large amount of ice you can store in it.

Ice Cube Production

There are three sizes of cubes to choose from - small, medium and large. All the cubes are cylindrical and hollow in the middle, and the difference in size is not actually too obvious - only the larger cubes are thicker than the smaller ones. One batch of ice counts eight cubes, and this model can produce it in as little as 6 minutes, which makes it one of the fastest ice makers of its class.

The ice bucket can hold as much as 2.2 pounds of ice, and when you empty it and refill the reservoir with water, the ice production is automatically resumed. This model can produce as much as 26 pounds of ice during 24 hours, and you will agree that this should suffice even the largest parties or family gatherings you throw at home or in your backyard.



When it comes to using this machine, it is quite an easy, user-friendly task. There is not water supply hose, but you are required to manually fill the reservoir with water. The ice production starts the moment you switch the machine on, and it automatically continues when you remove one batch and add water for the production of the other.

There is an electronic control panel on the front side with two basic functions - you can turn the appliance on or off and choose between three available sizes of ice cubes. The control panel also contains LED lights that indicate when you need to add water to the reservoir and when the ice bucket is full. When the light indicates that the ice container is full, the ice production will stop automatically and it will not go on until you empty the bucket, which protects the machine from overflowing and breaking.

This model requires no draining, which makes it easy for cleaning and ideal for use in offices and other rooms other than the kitchen. The ice bucket is large, and it is also removable for easier access to the cubes. The machine is sold together with an ice scoop, and together with a removable container, it makes it easier to remove the ice and use it for drinks whenever you need it.

One of the most notable benefits of this model is it price. Despite being compact in size, functional and fast in ice production, this is a rather cheap countertop ice maker. You can find it for a little over $120, which is a good price for a powerful, functional and user-friendly machine such as this one.


Igloo ICE103

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