NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker Review

When we tested ice making machines, it was simply impossible to leave out this cheap portable ice maker. It is a model that simply grabs your attention on the first sight, due to its sleek design and a wide choice of colors. It was recommended by various people and on different websites, so we decided to see for ourselves what this little robot-like ice maker has to offer.


First of all, its design cannot go unnoticed. It has elegant and stylish lines, and when they are combined with its compact dimensions, you get a home appliance which is not only functional, but it also looks quite nice. We had a red piece, but it comes in as much as four other colors - black, silver, blue and orange. Thanks to such a wide choice of colors and a truly stylish design, this machine can be easily combined with every kitchen, office or any other room you decide to place it in.



When it comes to the dimensions, the depth of this model is 14.5”, it is 11.8” wide and 15” tall, which makes it easy to fit under or on any countertop, as well as in a standard kitchen cabinet, even in small kitchens and any other small spaces. It weighs 24.3 pounds, which makes it slightly heavier than some other portable models, but it does not make too much of a difference, to be honest.

Ice Making Feature

When it comes to the features of this ice maker, it does not come with a water supply hose, which is common for the portable ice making machines. You should open the lid and fill the container with water, and it is possible to add maximum three liters. The machine has an LED control panel on the front side, which provides you with several functions.

You can choose three different sizes of ice cubes - small, medium and large, and all of them are bullet-shaped. The choice of sizes makes it convenient to make drinks of different sorts. Smaller cubes can easily be blended and added to margaritas and other cocktails, whereas larger sizes are suitable for adding to a glass of any drink.

The LED panel also contains the indicator that shows when the tray is full, and another one which warns you when you need to add fresh water. As you could have seen from the previous cheap ice machine reviews, these options are pretty standard, but they are nevertheless very useful.


When it comes to the capacity of this machine, for a model of this size and weight, we must say that it is rather satisfying. It can produce up to 28 pounds of ice a day, which is pretty impressive for a portable ice maker. The moment you add the maximum 3 liters of water, you will wait for 15 minutes for the first batch of 9 ice cubes to be made, and every following one will be made for even less (up to 10 minutes). The machine can work around the clock before it produces 28 pounds of ice, which is incredibly convenient for large gatherings and parties.

This model has a side drain which enables you to empty and dry the machine from the inside quite easily. Even though it can produce new ice from the melted one, whenever you want to drain old water and add new, it is very simple to do it.


What we noticed about this product is that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. It does not require any particular installation. You only need to add water, plug the machine in, choose the size of the ice cubes and within minutes you will have the cubes ready to be added to your drink. Another advantage we must emphasize that this model is great for using outdoors and for storing ice after it was made. Although this appliance does not serve as a freezer, it is very well insulated so the ice will remain in the form of cubes even if the machine is turned off over night. Considering all the great features of this small but powerful machine, it is rather affordable to purchase one of these instead of buying a large ice maker or bags of ice.


NewAir AI-100R

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